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Just like last year, we will be collecting Tuna cans/pouches, but instead of 1 week, it will be drawn out in 2 weeks, November 9th – 21st. We will be doing this for ALL groups again. Swimmers will need to communicate with their coaches on when they are wanting them to be brought into practice. We are changing things up a bit this year just because of COVID, but the swimmers will be bringing them into practice and their coach will be bringing the cans/pouches to the office at the end of each week to be counted. Since we have a big influx in numbers amongst the groups, it will be based on percentage of can/pouches to swimmers in that group. The winning group will get a big prize! Last year we got a total count of 1503 which almost tripled the previous year. Can we do it again this year?! We want to make as much impact as we can since COVID has done a number on a bunch of families in our communities and across the world. We will be boxing them up at the Parkway Swim Club office and then taking them to both locations. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Coach Chris, Here is a little bit more information that we have added in the newsletter for the past few months about it!

River Oaks Food Pantry is a small independent food pantry located in the Wentzville/Foristell area. They service more than 400 people per quarter and depend on private donations only. Because of their location, they do not receive assistance from other organizations such as the scouts. They have reached out to us for help. The most needed item is tuna because of its high protein content and versatility with cooking. Remember the cost is small, but the need is great. Please help the 1 in 4 children that go to bed hungry every night by donating one or more cans/pouches of tuna.

Simply bring your tuna to practice during the weeks of November 9th–21st and it will be collected. Your swimmers coach will deliver the tuna to our office where they will be sorted into groups and sanitized. Any tuna turned in late will be collected and counted for the team total but will not count towards their group percentages. Last year we were able collect 1503 cans/pouches from all the groups combined!! This year we will be doing the same and keeping it open to ALL Parkway groups. The winning group will be receiving a big prize!! The groups vary in size so the winning group will be determined by percentage. We will be sharing the proceeds between River Oaks Food Pantry and the Parkway Food Pantry. Thank you for your generosity!

Let’s spread the generosity and spread the wealth!

Parkway Coaches

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