Posted by Christopher Etherington on Dec 02 2019 at 09:00AM PST


Just like last year, we will be collecting Tuna can/pouches from December 2nd – December 7th. We will be doing this for ALL groups. The winning group will get a big prize! Since we have a big influx in numbers amongst the groups, it will be based on percentage of can/pouches to swimmers in that group. Here is a little more about it below. We will be boxing them up at the Parkway Winter Classic on Friday. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Coach Chris,

River Oaks Food Pantry is a small independent food pantry located in the Wentzville/Foristell area. They service more than 400 people per quarter and depend on private donations only. Because of their location, they do not receive any from other organizations such as the scouts. They have reached out to us for help. The most needed item is tuns because of it’s high protein content and versatility with cooking. Remember the cost is small, but the need is great. Please help the 1 in 4 children that go to bed hungry every night by donating one or more cand/pouches of tuna. Simply bring your tuna to practice during the week of December 2nd – 7th and it will be collected. Your swimmers coach could specify one day to collect so please wait for your coach to make that decision. Last year we were able collect 600 can/pouches from the Red, White and Blue groups at Central. This year we will be opening up to ALL Parkway groups. The winning group will be receiving a big prize!! The groups vary in size so the winning group will be determined by percentage. We will be splitting the proceeds between River Oaks Food Pantry and the Parkway Food Pantry. If you have any questions, please call Vika Anderson (636-734-9616) or David Neier (636-299-3291). Thank you for your generosity!

On Amazon 48 cans can be purchased for $36 with 1 day shipping. Let’s spread the gernerosity and spread the wealth!

Parkway Coaches

UPDATE : We collected 1,503 tuna cans/pouches!!!!! Way to go, Parkway!!!!


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