Beisel Visits Parkway

Posted by Parkway Swim Club on Oct 02 2019 at 10:32AM PDT

Three-time Olympian, Elizabeth Beisel, came to visit Parkway Swim Club September 27th & 28th. She went over all of the strokes as well as going over streamline and starts. She also had a talk with the swimmers and parents about how she became an Olympian and how the odds were not in her favor on becoming an Olympic swimmer. 0.003% is the percentage of a swimmer becoming a swimmer. Elizabeth stated, “There’s a chance!” 168 swimmers took advantage of it and attended the clinic to learn a few new tricks from the former captain of the 2016 USA Olympic Team. We would like to thank everyone that participated! A special thank you to Elizabeth for coming to Parkway and talking with the swimmers and parents!

Check the Photo Albums for all the pictures!


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